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May 11, 2021
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Scope of Work:

  • Vacuum, sweep and clean all submerged surfaces
  • Clean pool tile of dirt, scum and scale deposits
  • The sides and bottom of pool shall be kept free from slime and algae
  • Water surface is to be skimmed to remove floating debris
  • Brush submerged surfaces (such as walks, steps for pool)
  • Maintain proper records in accordance with state, local, county, city or other prevailing health department regulations as to operation, chemical levels. Records to include service performed and chemicals used. The contractor will maintain a journal of pool testing that will itemize each pool tested and record the time, date and results
  • The pumps, filters, disinfectant and chemical feeders, flow indicators, gauges, motors and all related parts of pool water, filtration and purification system shall be kept in operational condition whenever pool is available for use
  • Maintain all deck and pool equipment in safe, clean and good operating condition. Repairs to equipment must be approved in advance and such repairs will be an additional charge
  • Perform water tests and maintain correct chemical parameters for the pool
  • Perform and record calcium hardness and cyanuric acid levels. Pool water should be drained if calcium hardness exceeds 600 ppm or if cyanuric acid exceeds 100 ppm  When drained, pool will be inspected for damage, repaired as necessary and refilled. Repairs will be billed as an extra charge (monthly)
  • Perform and record total dissolved solids (TDS) test at least once every three months. Water should be drained if total solids equal 2,500 ppm  (quarterly)
  • Pool equipment rooms will be kept in a neat and sanitary condition
  • Furnish diatomaceous earth (DE), tile cleaner, non-chlorine shock, etc for general operation of pool
  • Set thermostat(s) as requested by owner for pool operations, and maintain consistent temperatures
  • Refill and/or adjust chemical feed system to assure continuous maintenance of chlorine and pH parameters. Chlorinators must be operational during all use periods
  • Properly set timers to assure operations during hours of use and for a minimum of three hours before and after use
  • Inspect gate closing locks and mechanisms  If in need of repair, secure in a closed state and notify management immediately
  • Ensure proper emergency signage is posted at all times in accordance with city/county regulations
  • Notify owner of any vandalism, theft or damage to pool area, equipment or related furnishings
  • Lubricate seals and o-rings as needed with silicone or other approved lubricant (monthly)
  • Disassemble and clean filters in accordance with the cleaning instructions in the DE Filter Maintenance Instructions (quarterly)
  • Service chlorinator systems in accordance with the Pump Maintenance Instruction  (quarterly)
  • Clean tile with a commercially available pool tile scrub and non-irritant soap
  • Check drains and skimmer covers
  • Check condition of safety signs, life rings, rope and safety hooks
  • Backwash pool or spa as necessary
  • Maintain time clocks
  • Report all safety issues and/or other equipment problems including, but not limited to:  loose handrails, flow meters, water leaks, over and under heating, etc.

Equipment Maintenance:

  • Check all pumps and motors for optimal operation
  • Maintain pool/spa equipment in an orderly condition
  • Check gauges, including effluent gauges, in system for proper operating ranges
  • Check all plumbing for leaks and seepage
  • Check automatic chlorinators and flow meters for proper operation
  • Check for broken or missing weir blades, float valves, skimmer and pump baskets, etc.
  • Check and maintain operation for pool/spa lights, time clocks and other electrical systems
  • Inspect and clean filters, including dismantling and inspecting all interior components of the filters . When necessary, o-rings will be replaced  If interior filter grids show signs of deterioration
  • Green Technology for Pool and Home


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